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PAL-RTC Autosampler with CHRONOS control – Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG

PAL-RTC, the most flexible CHRONECT Robotic model, has been specially configured for the application of MagSiMUS biological sample preparation methods. The FlipTube® opening and transfer tools allow for automated MagSiMUS sample preparation of up to 64 samples in a batch. When the PAL-RTC autosampler is also equipped with a barcode reader, full traceability of the sample preparation process is guaranteed. End-result: PAL-RTC autosampler prepares your biological samples for injection in, and analysis by any LC-MS/MS or (U)HPLC device.

RTC MagSiMUS Deck DS 840 500

Autosampler Automation

CTC PAL-RTC systems (controlled by Axel Semrau CHRONOS software) are ideally suited for automated and fully traceable biological sample preparation, with the option of direct injection into a LC-MS/MS or (U)HPLC. MagSiMUS methods like vitamin D2/D3, immunosuppressants, MMA or steroids, can now be executed without user intervention. This eliminates the risks and labor associated with manual sample preparation, and improves sample throughput as well as preparation time.


PAL-RTC Deck Layout (technology demonstration)

In this demonstration case, the PAL-RTC deck was modified for the MagSiMUS sample preparation method. Two left (blue) block positions contain pipette tips, MagSiMUS magnetic bead mixes and reference and control materials. Middle and right blocks are for 2 (red) processing magnets, then 2x 32 FlipTubes® input samples, and HPLC vials/MTP output positions below. Barcode reader is located above the square bin. The 2 round containers are located under the vortex mixer, and hold liquid MagSiMUS reagents (like OPR). Direct injection valve is located on the right side. PAL-RTC arm is located on the left side of the deck and can be equipped with needle and tip tools, and is able to pick up FlipTube® transfer and lid opening/closing tools. 

RTC Deck above 1600 499     FlipTubeOpen     VacuumTool

Obviously, the PAL-RTC layout and configuration can be modified to the specific requirements of LC-MS users.
One can e.g. opt for a dual-arm RTC setup, different lenghts systems, and different functionalities (like tools).
Let us advise you on the best possible setup for your sample situation.

PAL-RTC System  Specifications (as demonstrated in this setup)
Time to 1st injection* (direct Injection) 20' (injections could be done in 2'-3' injection rate, depending on the LC method)
Total batch run time* (32 serum samples) less than 75', (but quicker depending on the setup)
Total sample capacity* Up to 64 input samples in FlipTubes® (in this configuration)
Input (sample type) Whole blood - Serum - Plasma - Urine - Saliva
Sample preparation methods All available MagSiMUS methods
Output formats HPLC vials - MTP - Direct Injection
Traceability For samples and control materials. LIMS connection possible.
System philosophy Autosampler

* as demonstrated in this setup, but always better in other PAL-RTC configurations

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