Walkaway Biological Sample Preparation for LC-MS/MS

MagnaMedics has developed a first of its kind, walk-away, full traceability, biological sample preparation system for LC-MS/MS. MagSiMUSDX fully automatically cleans blood, serum, plasma, urine and saliva samples before they are injected into LC-MS/MS or HPLC systems for analysis.

MagSiMUS Technology

MagSiMUSDX works with the innovative MagSiMUS technology. This very cost-effective, magnetic bead-based technology depletes proteins and removes interfering compounds from biological samples, replacing centrifugation-based protein precipitation (PP) and reducing the need for solid phase extraction (SPE) or liquid liquid extraction (LLE).


Real Automation

MagSiMUSDX enables fully automated but - more important - fully traceable sample preparation, from primary sample input tube until injection into the LC-MS/MS instrument. Clean-up for methods like vitamin D2/D3, vitamin B1/B6, immunosuppressants, MMA or steroids can now be fully automated without any user intervention. This eliminates the risks and labor associated with manual sample preparation, and dramatically increases throughput and throughput time.

Full Traceability

MagSiMUSDX is able to run up to five different methods simultaneously, and allows for very flexible batch requirements. All while there is total barcode-scanning trace-ability of samples, reagents and containers and connection to the laboratory's LIMS. The liquid level sensing capability of MagSiMUSDX allows you to homogenize whole blood samples in advance, work with variable sample volumes, and provides exceptional control of volatile reagents.

Seamless Flexibility

MagSiMUSDX ' intuitive user-interface guides you seamlessly through the setup, the cleaning-up and the connection of your samples with the downstream analysis tools. MagSiMUSDX will be available as a CE-IVD regulated version, or for RUO (Research Use Only). It can be purchased as a stand-alone instrument (and combined with the dedicated MagSiMUS chemistry), or offered in reagent rental or lease options.

MagSiMUSDX  Specifications
Time to 1st injection (Direct Injection) 4' – 6'
Total batch run time* (96 whole blood samples) Appr. 45'
Total batch run time* (96 serum samples) Appr. 30'
Capacity (sample input) 1 - 288 samples (in 9 x 32)
Capacity (reference material sets) Up to 4 reference material sets
Capacity (total preps/year) > 250.000
Input (sample type) Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine, Saliva, DBS (Dry Blood Spots)
Input (primary vial type) BD VacutainerTM and any other common brands
Sample preparation methods All available MagSiMUS methods
Random access 9 separate sample loading trays (with up to 32 samples)
Processing formats MTP (Micro Titer Plate), FT (FlipTube®)
Output formats HPLC vials, MTP or Direct Injection
Traceability Fully for samples as well as reagents. LIMS connection possible.
System philosophy Sample preparation analyzer


 *run times may vary between primary sample tube types

 MagSiMUS DX Leaflet