CE-IVD marked MagnaMedics products

MagnaMedics is proud to announce the CE marking of its MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I kit and two accessory components, OPR VI and Lysis Buffer for whole blood. The procedure for CE marking has been followed in order to ensure full compliance to Annex III of the European Directive 98/79/EC for in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I (CE-IVD) is a fast and fully automatable biological sample preparation kit that, based on paramagnetic beads, eliminates interfering proteins and other contaminants from whole blood, prior to LC-MS analysis. Because the protein precipitate is collected through magnetic separation, there is no need for centrifugation. Additionally, vortexing steps could be omitted, making it a quick and easy-to-automate procedure. The MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I (CE-IVD) kit is optimized, verified and validated for the sample preparation of the immunosupressants everolimus and sirolimus.


OPR VI is an organic precipitation reagent, that aids the MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I (CE-IVD) kit in the precipitation of proteins in its procedure.

Lysis Buffer for whole blood (CE-IVD)

Lysis Buffer for whole blood ensures the full lysis of whole blood samples in the MagSiMUS-TDMPREP Type I (CE-IVD) kit.

Geleen - The Netherlands
May 6, 2016