MagnaMedics Diagnostics offers a range of paramagnetic bead-based solutions, based on two different approaches for cleaning up a sample or purifying a molecule of interest.

MagSi - Positive Selection

The surface of our magnetic silica particles can be modified and/or chemical groups can be coupled. The modified surface or the coupled groups can then be used to fish for the desired (biological) molecule. When they are captured by the magnetic beads one can bind the beads to a magnet, and wash off the contaminants. The molecules of interest remain on the beads, or can be eluted off in a subsequent step. This positive selection method can be best compared to Finding the Needle in the Haystack.

MagSiMUS - Negative selection

To clean-up a sample before it is injected into expensive analysis tools, like LC-MS/MS or UHPLC, the MagSiMUS silica beads remove proteins and other impurities from your (biological) sample. These contaminants are actually precipitated onto the beads surface, after which the beads are attracted to the magnet. The molecules/analytes of interest remain in the supernatant. This negative selection method can be best compared to Removing the Haystack to Find the Needle.

Both our MagSi as well as our MagSiMUS products and solutions can be used in a variety of biochemical and biotechnological methods. They range from genomic isolation methods to immunoassays, or from mass spectrometry to sequencing. Please have a look into the different technologies, in order to find your MagnaMedics bead of choice.